I am Reem, a highly creative and skilled Arabic-speaking packaging and branding designer from the UAE. I specialize in delivering professional and innovative branding and packaging designs tailored for the GCC and Middle East markets. With a keen understanding of the cultural nuances and preferences unique to this region, I excel in creating stunning color palettes and branding elements that resonate with the local audience. 

Moreover, while my background provides me with a deep understanding of the GCC and Middle East cultures, I am always open to new cultures and enjoy exploring designs from different regions. I am enthusiastic about working with international companies and bringing a fresh perspective to packaging and branding design.

Throughout the product packaging and branding design process, I emphasize the importance of creativity, thorough research, and brand sensitivity. By conducting comprehensive market research and creating captivating mood boards as part of the initial stages, I ensure the visual direction aligns with your brand's ethos. I then move on to developing and refining design concepts based on client feedback, leading to the delivery of finalized artwork that captures the very essence of your brand.

The timeline for project completion varies based on specific requirements, but a minimum of two weeks will be needed for delivery. Additionally, I offer custom 3D modeling and mockups tailored to meet your unique specifications, further enhancing the branding and packaging experience.
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